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Foundation Program
The Bounce Back From Breast Cancer Foundation Program is a 22 exercise rehab program, with detailed instructional videos guiding you through the program as if you were in the clinic with me.
  • Detailed Instruction with Cancer Rehab & Lymphoedema Occupational Therapist, Kate Perkins, founder of the program
  • Step-by-step instructions as if you are in the clinic with Kate
  • A detailed exercise manual with photos & directions
  • Focus on Stretching, Strength and Core Stability
  • Education: The lymphatic system & exercise
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Gut Health Masterclass
Dr Sue Read and Dr Cecilia Kitic have the combined expertise of Gut Health, Immunology and Immunonutrition Researcher, Microbiologist, Accredited Dietitian and Accredited Exercise Physiologist.
We want to share with you the fundamentals for creating a healthy gut to optimise your treatment and recovery!

The Bounce Back Your Gut Health Masterclass is for you if you want to:
  • Nurture your gut health to optimize treatment and recovery.
  • Adopt positive strategies for weight management.
  • Address imbalances in gut microbiota diversity that are seen in breast cancer.
  • Improve your gut health to reduce the risk and impact of lymphedema.
  • Learn how to improve your gut health for optimal outcomes and your future wellbeing!
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Personal Consultation
Book a on-line face to face consultation with Kate to be sure you are performing the exercises and movements correctly and safely, and with confidence.
  • Book a face to face consult through our online booking system, Book Like a Boss
  • Connect with Kate for support to make the most of your program
  • Confirm correct exercise or movement techniques
  • Be confident and comfortable to perform the program in the comfort of your own home
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