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Dr Cecelia Kitic & Dr Sue Read
Dr Cecelia Kitic (PhD Exercise Immunology) and Dr Sue Read (Dietician and Microbiologist) specialise in getting your gut bugs healthy. Their mission is to ensure that everyone can receive scientific guidance to nurture their gut for optimal health.

We are excited to offer our patients this incredible additional service! We have teamed up with Drs Cecelia Kitic and Sue Read, of the IVF Project to make available dietetic services to review your gut health pre and post cancer treatment
Telehealth consultations are available. Also, up until September 2020 telehealth consultations will be covered by a Medicare Team Care Plan.
Andrea Mangion
Andrea Mangion is a lymphoedema physiotherapist with years of knowledge and experience, honorary lecturer at Macquarie University, and founder of Health Education on Lymphoedema (HELP) for patients and practitioners.
We are excited to offer our clients this incredible additional education package by HELP Online.
  • Learn about the lymphatic system and its function
  • Lessons delivered by Professor Neil Piller of Flinders University
  • Understand the risk of developing Breast Cancer Related Lymphoedema
  • Evidence based course content
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