Learn the proven strategies to nourish your gut for better breast cancer outcomes in the fast track Bounce Back your Gut Health Masterclass!

Our gut plays a major role in overall health, including breast health. We have trillions of microorganisms, including bacteria, living in our gut. These microbes rely on us and we rely on them. They play an essential role in:

  • Hormone balance, regulating oestrogen levels.
  • Dampening inflammation to reduce lymphodema.
  • Producing metabolites that influence cancer cell proliferation.
  • Responsiveness to chemotherapy.
  • Modulating metabolism and weight.
  • Influencing mood and wellbeing.

Nurturing your gut health is a therapeutic strategy to bounce back quicker from breast cancer. Eating to enhance the diversity of your gut microbiota can:

  • Optimise immune responsiveness.
  • Reduce inflammation.
  • Promote the production of short chain fatty acids.
  • Increase anti-proliferative metabolites.
  • Enhance nutrient extraction and metabolism for weight management.
  • Dampen oestrogen recycling for better hormone balance.
  • Reduced absorption of toxins and carcinogens.
  • Improve breast cancer treatment responsiveness, reduce side effects and enhance recovery.
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Bounce Back your Gut Health Masterclass!

Diet is the most potent modulator our gut microbiota health and diversity.

Join us to learn the proven strategies to nourish your gut for better outcomes in the fast track Bounce Back your Gut Health Masterclass!

Dr Sue Read and Dr Cecilia Kitic have the combined expertise of Gut Health, Immunology and Immunonutrition Researcher, Microbiologist, Accredited Dietitian and Accredited Exercise Physiologist.

We want to share with you the fundamentals for creating a healthy gut to optimise your treatment and recovery!

Feel confident that you are getting your health back on track with evidenced-based strategies.

No more "Should I eat this?" or "Will this help my recovery?". Stop second-guessing if you are eating the right foods! Fast track your nutrition knowledge to make a positive change for a positive outcome.

What's Included in the Masterclass?

Digestible Videos

The Masterclass content is broken up into bite-sized videos (under 20 min) so you can step through the content with flexibility.

Guided Downloadable Workbook

Start taking action straight away! Your workbook supports the implementation of the new strategies you will learn with practical activities and checklists to guide you.

Masterclass Module

  • Gut-Cancer Connection
    Explore the relationship between your gut health and breast cancer. Get to know who is living in your gut, what they do and why they are so integral to bouncing back!
  • What Is on Your Plate?
    This module will step you through a comprehensive dietary analysis so you are clear on your energy intake and your breakdown of macronutrients. Discover key micronutrients you may be missing out on and how much gut health boosting fibre you are getting in your diet.
  • Macronutrient Breakdown
    Carbohydrates, fats and proteins all nurture your gut differently. Find out the best balance of macronutrients for fuelling your gut microbiota.
  • Key Micronutrients for Gut Health
    Transform your gut microbiota for optimal recovery with key micronutrients. Learn what these key nurturing elements are and how to incorporate them into every day eating.
  • Prebiotics and Probiotics
    The best food to nurture your gut microbiota includes fibre. BUT not all fibre promotes the growth of beneficial microbes in your gut. We will step you through the role of prebiotic fibre in boosting your gut diversity and where to find it! You will also find out what probiotics are and if you should be incorporating them into your diet.
  • Choose to Nourish
    Treatment can affect our desire to eat and change the way food tastes or smells. They may also lead to weight gain and increased fatigue. Nurturing your gut during and after treatment is a way to take control of your health. In this module we will explore tips and strategies to make looking after our gut bugs part of your every day.

PLUS these incredible Masterclass BONUSES

You will receive one-month Membership to the Bounce Back From Breast Cancer On-line Program for $1!

The Membership includes access to an exclusive member log-in portal, with detailed instructional videos delivered by Cancer Rehabilitation & Lymphoedema Occupational Therapist, Kate Perkins, founder of the program. Your monthly membership also includes access to:

  • A private member's Facebook group where Kate delivers 2 x Live Exercise Rehab sessions per week.
  • The opportunity to connect with other members of the group worldwide.
  • Stretching, strength, and core stability exercises.
  • Education so you get to know your lymphatic system and the role of exercise.
  • Expert interviews covering all facets of breast cancer rehabilitation.

Monthly nutrition Q&A with Dr. Sue Read hosted in the Bounce Back From Breast Cancer On-line Program. With your first month of FREE Membership, you will get to ask all your nutrition questions and have them answered by the experts!

Our favorite gut-loving recipes in your own copy of the Bounce Back Your Gut Health Recipe Book.

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Is The Bounce Back Your Gut Health Masterclass for Me?

The Bounce Back Your Gut Health Masterclass is for you if you want to:

  • Nurture your gut health to optimize treatment and recovery.
  • Adopt positive strategies for weight management.
  • Address imbalances in gut microbiota diversity that are seen in breast cancer.
  • Improve your gut health to reduce the risk and impact of lymphedema.
  • Learn how to improve your gut health for optimal outcomes and your future wellbeing!.

Research suggests that among women who have been diagnosed with breast cancer 52% wanted nutritional guidance at the time of diagnosis or soon after, although few reported having ever received dietary recommendations.

When Do I Get Access to the Masterclass?

The Masterclass will be open for you as soon as you join us!

The content is self-paced and we have designed the Masterclass so you could complete it within three weeks at a manageable pace, as we walk you through each week. If you are super keen, you can binge all the modules at once!

Why is the Masterclass offering so much- for such a small investment?!

This Masterclass delivers so much value for less than the cost of one Consultation!

Your health is a great predictor of treatment responsiveness and recovery so what better way to give yourself a great foundation to optimise outcomes. The Masterclass is designed to educate and empower so you can make informed choices to bounce back your gut health.

You will learn how to incorporate healthy eating principles for optimal gut health and how to make positive
changes to your everyday nutrition.

How long will it take to complete the Masterclass?

The Masterclass is broken up into short videos (under 20 min) so you can step through the content with flexibility. You can complete the Masterclass in as little as one week or over the course of a few weeks. In the first four weeks of joining the Masterclass, you will have the opportunity to watch the monthly nutrition Q&A with Dr. Sue Read hosted in the Bounce Back From Breast Cancer On-line Program.

How long do I have access to the Masterclass?

You will have access to the Masterclass for 12 months. Revisit the Masterclass content at any stage on your journey to bouncing back.

A healthy gut contributes to:
  • A stronger immune system.
  • The production of beneficial short-chain fatty acids, essential amino acids,
    and vitamins.
  • Improved absorption of minerals.
  • reduced activation and absorption of toxins and carcinogens.
Join us to give yourself the gift of better gut health for better breast cancer outcomes.
Our Masterclass is Now Open
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