World First Breast Cancer Recovery Program Launched During COVID-19

7 Jul 2021

Women around the globe can now recover from breast cancer faster, stronger and full of energy from the comfort of their homes, following the launch of revolutionary guided online breast cancer rehabilitation program Bounce Back from Breast Cancer.

Central Coast Cancer Rehabilitation Specialist and Occupational Therapist, Kate Perkins, witnessed the struggle of many of her patients to access onsite cancer recovery services during COVID-19 isolation and vowed to help as many women as possible by developing a groundbreaking new program.

The Bounce Back from Breast Cancer tailored training program and online community is a world first for offering completely personalised, guided recovery and rehabilitation for women anywhere in the world, that they can access in the comfort of their own loungeroom.

Local leading Cancer Rehab Occupational Therapist (OT) and Lymphoedema Therapist, Kate Perkins, helps individuals diagnosed with cancer to improve their quality of life and assist recovery through individualised, evidence-based, exercise rehab programs at the Cancer Rehabilitation & Lymphatic Solutions clinic. Kate says she had always wanted to help as many women as possible through their cancer recovery and the global pandemic was the impetus to put this plan in motion, in record time. The Program launched during the first lockdown has since grown into an empowering online community helping to keep women moving in the comfort of their own homes.

"I have always known there are women who just don't have access to the type of services I provide and find it very difficult to recover from cancer treatment, with loss of strength, movement and energy," says Perkins.
The pelvic floor sits in the base of your pelvis, and it plays a huge role – helping with the control and stability of your hips, while holding up your organs, including your bowel, bladder and uterus.
All this work means that the pelvic floor has a pretty substantial weight sitting on it at all times, and when you've got a baby on board, it needs to hold up that additional load, too.
It's also involved in sexual function, and studies have shown a correlation between good pelvic floors and better orgasms – and that the more you orgasm, the stronger your pelvic floor gets.
The Online Community Membership provides live online exercise sessions every week, as well as expert presenters and enthusiastic coaches available to members so they never feel alone, even after they've finished the Foundation program.
To find out more about the program, women can phone (02) 4312 7033 or email here.