The Talking With The Experts interviews and Tech Talks are too good not to share. These chats and interviews are a fantastic source of:
  • Education
  • Product Information
  • Keeping you up to date with current research
Here you will also get to sample some of the movements and exercises I share with my online members.
Manual Lymph Drainage Sequence
Preparing for Radiotherapy Treatment
Theraband Workout 1
What's in my gut? Poo assessment with Dr Sue Read, Dietician and Microbiologist
Talking With The Experts - Ep 7 Liza's Story
So What Is In The Bounce Back From Breast Cancer Program?
Exercise Rehabilitation Class : Cardio Strength Stability Fun!
Bounce Back From Breast Cancer: Interview with Kate Perkins
Mobilising Breast Tissue Post Radiotherapy
Tissue Mobilisation Following Breast Surgery
Talking With The Experts - Episode 9: Sequential Intermittent Compression Pumps
Bounce Back From Breast Cancer: Foundation